Core Services

So the first part of our core services is the hosting and maintenance of your website, we have a pretty robust platform for that – so we update the website extremely regularly. I would say at least once a week were logging into the backend, updating the various plug-ins we use or making tweaks to the code or WordPress.  We also 24 seven monitoring of uptime every 60 seconds, we have an enterprise level tool that checks if the website is up or not.  If it is not, it notifies your project manager and also our data center.

We also offer email marketing and most of our business clients take advantage of this. We send out a monthly email to the subscribers on their list if you provide the content will do the work necessary to make it look polished ensure that it hits the inbox of your subscribers. When you start off we clean your email list to make sure were not sending two invalid emails and we set up a custom mail server from your website so that any emails sent via contact forms etc. will actually reach you this is something I want to discuss with y’all anyway because you’re currently using Hotmail email address and Hotmail prevents you sending from another domain in the name of Hotmail this change occurred in probably the last year and half but eventually all of the free email address providers will institute this the main reason that they did this is because spammers use these email addresses.